Lanark duo still going strong

IT wouldn’t take Sherlock Holmes to suss out a group calling itself One Foot in the Groove ain’t no boy band.

And so what if the Sugarbabes have had more members than Bill Heggie and Kenny Rekkord have hairs on their heads; this Lanark-based blues duo still pump out more honest-to-Clapton musical energy during a one night stand in a local pub than The Wanted do in a whole World Tour.

The living proof that the tired Too Old to Rock, Too Young to Die cliche is about as relevant today as a town gas lamplighter, Bill and Kenny show every time they strap on their guitars that, when it comes to proper blues-rocking, you don’t send boys to do mens’ work.

As for the age thing, well, the self-mickey taking title of the band alone tells you these two wear their years and experience with pride.

Just ask Bill Heggie if he and his blues brother Kenny are slowing down and this kenspeckled figure to generations of Lanarkshire musos as boss at Wishaw’s Magnum Sound just laughs.

“The gigs are getting MORE frequent! When we first got together a few years ago, we thought that one a month would be fine for a pair of old codgers.

“However it seems that the gigs are on the increase so we just intend to go with the flow. We have added a lot of new songs so that the set lists can be tailored to the type of audience we find when we get to the gig – but always sticking to our blues-based material.”

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