Nature Notes

It’s Festive Stomp Time at the Falls of Clyde nature reserve at New Lanark.

I’m very excited; anyone who knows me knows that I have a slight addiction to mince pies and have been eating them since they re-appeared (as if by magic!) in September.

Our annual festive stomp is an excuse for me to eat even more mince pies and encourage visitors to join me in the mince pie feast.

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I invite you all to come down to the Falls of Clyde for a stomp around the reserve, also known as a guided walk with me the ranger looking for wildlife, learning about the history and getting some lovely fresh Scottish air.

Only moments ago did we see an otter munching on lunch (today is Friday, December 7) just outside the visitor centre and a few days ago we had the pleasure of seeing the kingfisher perched on a branch on the other side of the river.

Fingers crossed our stomp will be just as successful for seeing wildlife!

The stomp is set to happen on Sunday, December 16, from 1-3pm.

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Mince pies and mulled wine will be provided for only £4 for an adult and £2 for a child.

It should be a lovely afternoon but as always, places are limited and you need to give me a ring and book if you’re planning on coming along – 01555 665 262.

In other local wildlife news, one of our volunteers was telling me he saw an earful (or museum) of waxwings on the north side of Lanark.

I wonder where they get these names for groups of things!

Waxwings are winter visitors to Scotland; these plump birds are a wee bit smaller than starlings and have a very distinctive crest on their head.

Next week: More on otters


Falls of Clyde Ranger