A STAGGERING 20,000 bottles an hour, 100 feet towers of ginger controlled solely by robots and your other national drink as far as the eye can see.

The journey from the factory to your glass might be a simple pick up at the shops for you, but for the team behind Barrs it’s a 24/7 production keeping Scotland, and the world, topped up with their favourite fizz.

Organised as part of Doors Open Day hundreds of lucky ticket holders, including winners of the News and Chronicle competition, got a chance to see for themselves just how the drinks manufacturer keeps the river of orange coursing through our veins.

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The sheer volume that is producing is hard to get your head round. There are more than 200 varieties of drinks produced at the Westfield, Cumbernauld, site, and more than 90 different flavours. Up to four production lines are running at once.

And the history of the firm is unveiled on a walk through its own museum, with a time line in pictures, display cabinets packed with artifacts from over a century of the Brew (now, of course, Bru) and an interactive display of some of their best loved adverts.

From phenomenal, to Walking in the Air, and this year’s more controversial offering, the ad men certainly know how to get their drink into the public eye.

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