10 Pictures of Billy Connolly to celebrate the Big Yin’s 80th Birthday

A very happy birthday to Billy Connolly as he turns 80 today - here’s ten of our favourite photos of the living legend to celebrate his birthday!

Happy Birthday Billy Connolly! How could you not celebrate the Big Yin’s birthday - the man embodies the spirit of Glasgow - so we thought it only right to have a look through the archive to share our favourite photos of the Glaswegian icon.

Sir William Connolly is a man of many hats, working as an actor, retired comedian, artist, writer, musician, and presenter, and before all that he worked in Glasgow as a delivery boy for a bookshop and a bakers - and a welder on a shipyard. He is best-known for his comedy, in which he is beloved, being ranked the greatest stand-up comedian of all time in many UK polls.

The Anderston-born man has been the international face of Glasgow for generations - and he has more than earned universal respect from the people of Glasgow. Here’s our ten favourite photos of the Big Yin to celebrate his 80th birthday.