Southside-based artist's work to go on display in London

Frank ToFrank To
Frank To
An emerging south side-based artist has been accepted into the prestigious Royal Society of British Artists 2018 Exhibition in London.

Frank To is the only Scottish male artist this year whose work has been officially selected out of more than 1500 entries.

Frank’s unique art is garnering him international recognition as a leading contemporary artist amongst art critics and high-profile collectors alike, including actor Sir Patrick Stewart and New York-based Michel Witmer, who hangs To’s paintings alongside those of Picasso, Dine and Warhol.

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Frank said: “It is very important for me as an artist to challenge myself mentally and physically.

“When I began developing this new technique of firing and infusing gunpowder onto metallic plates as the basis to my drawings last year, it was simply out of curiosity.

“Now I’m using it to challenge and contribute the actual craft of contemporary drawing. As I am trained traditionally, I am showing innovation in art drawing process that is rarely sought by many artists today which is unfortunate.

“I am delighted to be accepted as the only Scottish male artist in the Royal Society of British Artists. In this exhibition, I will be showing next to contemporaries who I strongly admire.

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“Furthermore, I am humbled to be given an opportunity to show in another established royal institute after exhibiting at the Royal Scottish Academy and the Royal West of England Academy in a short period of time.”

Frank To’s ignited gunpowder copper art will go on show at the Mall Galleries from March 21 to 31.