Summer here by weekend

Things look set to improve over this week with summer weather arriving in Cumbernauld by the weekend.

The recent windy and dull weather will be pushed away by high pressure which could being a heatwave at the weekend.

Today will start dull and cloudy with little chance of any sun poking through and temperatures no higher than 15c day and 10c at night.

Thursday will be a very dull day again and if you are up in the early hours you will have rain; the rain will clear by the rush hour but will leave lots of cloud around which will start to clear in the evening. Temperatures will be around 15c.

Friday will be a very nice day as high pressure starts to build up. It may start off with a few clouds but this should burn off around lunchtime. Cloud will start to bubble up in the afternoon but this won’t stop temperatures reaching 18c

Saturday will see temperatures climbing higher with 19 to 20c possible. It should be a lot clearer with very few cloud about.

Sunday will be much the same as Saturday but today could see temperatures climbing higher with 20 to 21c possible.

The nice weather looks set to continue into next week giving us a real taste of summer.