Supermoon August 2022: Will there be a Supermoon tonight - how to see the Sturgeon moon in Glasgow

Here’s how you can see a Supermoon in Glasgow, and other nightsky events happening.

The final supermoon of the summer is set to put on its final show tonight.

Supermoon season kicked off in June, and stargazers got their second supermoon of the summer in July.

Stargazers are truly in for a treat this week, as not only will the supermoon be at its peak, a meteor shower will also occur.

So, when will you be able to catch the lunar spectacle in Glasgow? Here’s everything you need to know about the night sky events.

Mansfield resident, Raven Oakton, shared this detailed photo of the year's final supermoon.

What is a Supermoon?


A Supermoon appears in the night sky and looks much larger and brighter than the Moon we say on the average night.

The Natural History Museum defines it by saying they occur when a full moon happens while the moon is at its closest to Earth during its orbit.

When was the last Supermoon?

The last Supermoon peaked on 13 July, and was called the Buck Moon.

How many Supermoons are there?

There are many supermoons throughout the year, so far this year there have been four.


The first Supermoon of the year occurred on 16 May and peaked at 12:15 am. This was called the Flower Supermoon.

The second was the Strawberry Supermoon which peaked on 14 June at 12:51pm.

The penultimate supermoon of the summer was the Buck supermoon and this event peaked on 13 July at 7:38pm.

Why is it called the Sturgeon Supermoon?

It is common for lunar and night sky events to have a nickname and tonight’s show is no different.

This Supermoon is called the Sturgeon Supermoon. According to the Old Farmer’s Almanac, the moon got its name from the Native Americans who relied heavily on sturgeon fish for survival.


When is the Sturgeon Supermoon at its peak?

The Sturgeon Supermoon is forecast to be at its peak on 12 August at 2:36am. However, it will be visible from Tuesday 9 August.

Will people in Glasgow be able to see the Sturgeon Supermoon?

As long as the forecast continues to be clear then most people in the UK will be able to catch a glimpse of the spectacle, including Glasgow.

What is the Met Office Forecast for Glasgow?



Lucky for the people of Glasgow, Thursday is expected to be another cloudless day with unbroken sunshine. The conditions will feel warm and hot in some areas.

Temperatures are expected to hit highs of 25°C.

Outlook for Friday to Sunday

This period is expected to see the nice weather continue with plenty of sunshine. Sunday may see some isolated showers develop.

Will there be a Meteor shower?


Meteor showers occur when the earth encounters a number of meteors at once. These are specific clouds of debris that originate from particular.

According to the Royal Museums Greenwich website, each shower has a place where the debris cloud comes from, this is called a progenitor Comet.

According to the Royal Museums Greenwich website, the Perseids meteor shower will happen this week.

The website states that it is called Perseids because “the meteors seem to originate from the constellation of Perseus. Astronomers call this point the meteor shower’s radiant”

The dates that Perseids will be at its maximum will be between 12 and 13 of August.

What is the Full Moon Calendar for the rest of 2022?


  • Sturgeon Moon - 12 August 2:36am
  • Corn/Harvest Moon - 10 September 10:59am
  • Hunter’s Moon - 9 October 9:55pm
  • Beaver Moon - 8 November 11:02am
  • Cold Moon - 8 December 4:08am