Susan heads for Vegas

IT was a super Saturday for Blackwood dancer Susan McGugan – as she relived the moment she won a trip to Las Vegas on Ant and Dec’s Saturday Night Takeaway.

Susan (22) was in the audience of the hit ITV1 show on Saturday night.

For lady luck had smiled on her when she visited Braehead Shopping Centre on Easter Monday.

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After completing a series of crazy tasks in front of fellow shoppers, she won an all-expenses-paid trip to America thanks to the show’s ‘Super Computer’.

The computer invited members of the public to perform for 15 minutes – giving them instructions on what to do.

Susan, of Nethan View, was one of three people at Braehead who will soon be on a plane to Vegas.

Amazingly, Susan almost didn’t go on the show but was persuaded to do so by sister Jacqueline.

It was a decision that she will now never regret.

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Susan said: “I was out the previous Saturday and got a text from my mum saying that I was going to Braehead with Jacqueline on Monday.

“To be honest, I wasn’t that fussed about doing it but Jacqueline really wanted to.However, she was unable to take part because she’s only 17 so she persuaded me to go on by myself.

“We were there from 10am and I didn’t go on until 5.30pm so it was a long day because we were just hanging about.

“At one point I was ready to go home but Jacqueline said that I should try for it because we had waited for such a long time.

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“I knew that a lady had already won a pair of tickets and just before I went on a second pair had been won so I wasn’t sure if there was any point.”

At that point, a member of the production team stepped in to let shoppers know that there was still a pair of tickets up for grabs.

Susan said: “I was dancing, singing Donald Where’s Yir Troosers, Shout by Lulu, Shang-A-Lang, Kung-Fu Fighting and had to say something Scottish.

“When the tickets came out I couldn’t believe it.”

Susan, who is taking her mum Eileen with her on the trip, was flown down to the live show on Saturday night.

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She was a little disappointed she didn’t get to meet star guest Robbie Williams...but the tickets more than made up for that.

Susan, who is starting her own dance school – DBA Dance with Susan – is now looking forward to the four day trip of a lifetime which will see the pair relax in an all-inclusive five star hotel.

A video of Susan performing and winning the tickets has also been a big hit on Youtube with hundreds of hits since it was uploaded.

And she has been inundated with people congratulating her since her TV appearance.

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She added: “My phone hasn’t stopped ringing since last Monday and there’s been so many people calling and texting me to say congratulations.

“I was flown down for the show on Saturday and my mum had a party for all my family at the house.

“It’s definitely been a dream week for me.”

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