Teenage Fanclub will never be a nostalgia act

Teenage Fanclub release 'Here' on FridayTeenage Fanclub release 'Here' on Friday
Teenage Fanclub release 'Here' on Friday
Norman Blake admits had he moved to Canada a few years earlier it might have been the end of Teenage Fanclub.

Thankfully modern technology has allowed the Bellshill group to stick around and after an absence of six years their 10th album ‘Here’ is released on Friday.

Norman said: “My wife Krista is Canadian and seven years ago we decided to move to Ontario so our daughter could get to know that side of the family.

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“A few years before it would probably have been the end of the band, but now it is so easy to keep in touch and we are delighted to be back with a new album.

“We tried very hard to make it sound like TFC, we all have various side projects so outlets are there to experiment, but we more or less knew what we wanted to create.

“It was recorded in France, Germany, Scotland and Canada and I think ‘Here’ has turned out to be a very appropriate name as no matter where in the world we end up we are always ‘Here’.”

Norman has many happy memories since TFC formed, but is adamant they won’t become a nostalgia act.

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He said: “When we started in 1989 our ambition was just to release an album and here we are all these years later lucky enough to be releasing our tenth.

“I have fond memories of recording Grand Prix as that was when I met Krista and we got to play Sparky’s Dream on Top of the Pops.

“However, I do think we should only come together if we have something new to offer, the old songs are still great, but I’ve enjoyed adding four or five new ones to the set list.

“Ten years ago we played Bandwagonesque in its entirety and I know lots of bands do play whole albums nowadays, but I don’t think we’ll do it again.

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“You look at the Rolling Stones releasing new material for over 40 years and I’d much rather be inspired to do that than become a nostalgia act.”

To order ‘Here’ and for details of upcoming gigs visit the TFC website