WE may not have to rely on a fruitful harvest anymore, but the community spirit of the traditional thanksgiving celebrations are alive and well.

The children of Ravenswood Primary recently held their harvest thanksgiving in the school, for which they all brought in a donation of food.

The youngsters then packaged up the items and helped deliver the food parcels to elderly residents in the local area.

Principal teacher Evelyn McKie explained: “We’ve linked with the Seafar Senior Citizens Club so we invited them along.

“The children were in charge organising it all – they are very much at the forefront of this.

“They then nominated their neighbours and grandparents to get parcels, as well as the members of the senior citizens club, and went out with the teachers to deliver them.”

All of the pupils at each stage of the school had an important part to play in the event.

Mrs McKie explained: “It was primary three’s job to organise fair trade tea and coffee for the senior citizens. They went out with the head teacher to the supermarket to buy it.

“Primaries four and five were in charge of speaking at the assambly and asking the others to help.

“Collecting the food from all the classes was up to primaries five and six, and then primary seven made up the parcels and delivered them.”

The principal teacher added: “In total they delivered 30 parcels. The senior citizens all look forward to it as well, they enjoy seeing the kids.

“The children really enjoy it, they always come back and tell us about who they were speaking to and what they learned.

“It’s important for them as it teaches them the importance of being part of a community.”