The Devil's Plantation

The Devil's Plantation, or to give it its offical name, Bonnyton Mound, is located between Newton Mearns and Eaglesham.

The Devil’s Plantation is a mound of beech, sycamore and elm trees thought to be an ancient burial mound just off the Humbie Road.

According to local legend, the Knights Templar who are traditionally said to have held land in the area, buried treasure in the Deil’s Wood (Castlehill Plantation) then spread tales of ghosts and ghouls inhabiting the spot to put off local people from digging-up the treasure.

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The plan didn’t work as the laird’s son tried to dig-up the treasure around the beginning of the twentieth century.

However, if the stories of ghosts and ghouls were all made up by the Knights Templar, what is behind the unexplained noises and figures that are often seen around the Plantation?

Reports have been made of seeing ghostly figures running through the trees. Who – or what – are they running from? Strange sounds have also been heard of what sounds like digging and whispered voices.

Is the Knight Templar back to reclaim its treasure..?

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