Tom Robertson distances himself from vampire offer on his own website

LANARK-based author on the supernatural Tom Robertson has moved quickly to disassociate himself from an advert selling ‘vampire’s blood’ on his website.
Advert Tom RobertsonAdvert Tom Robertson
Advert Tom Robertson

The man who claims to be Scotland’s only official ghosthunter was alarmed and shocked when he found that the guest section of his official site was being used for “a stupid and potentially dangerous” purpose and appealed to all visitors to his site to ignore it.

Although he has been something of a local celebrity for decades with his investigation of hauntings, Tom was recently propelled to international fame with the publication of his autobiographical book Ghosthunter.

The fame that this work has brought him has now had the downside of attracting what he describes as “cranks” using the guest section of his site – such as the vendors of vampire blood.

He told the Gazette: “I was really shocked when I saw this advert and I want everyone to know that this has absolutely nothing to do with me.

“In fact, I totally disassociate myself from this because, although I’m no legal expert, I’m sure there must be some law against advertising the sale of blood through the internet and then having it sent to you by post.

“There is also the potential health risks. How are you meant to know what it is that is being sent to you?

“You’d have to be extremely foolish to order this stuff, never mind drink it!”