Too north andsouth for aid?

Claudia Beamish MSPClaudia Beamish MSP
Claudia Beamish MSP
Is Clydesdale too far north of the Borders and too far south of the Highlands to get any special government aid?

That was a question Claudia Beamish, the Lanark-based South Scotland Regional Labour MSP, found her asking herself after welcoming a new Enterprise Agency

being established to promote economic and social development the borderlands.

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The South Scotland Enterprise Bill will see a new agency created similar to the Highlands and Islands Enterprise Agency, which has been successful in supporting northern communities.  

Following its passing in Parliament, Ms Beamish said:“I am excited to see what positive effects the new agency will bring to communities in South Scotland and I am pleased the social remit has not been overlooked.

“The Highlands and Islands Agency has been so successful in terms of supporting sustainable development and also community land ownership and it is right that South Scotland communities will be similarly empowered.  

“However, I have concerns about the Enterprise Agency’s boundaries as there are areas in Clydesdale that will not be included in its remit.

“This only highlights the lack of support in these areas.

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“I have raised this a number of times and will continue to ask how the Scottish Government intends to provide these communities with similar opportunities.

“Sadly the Bill also does not go far enough to ensure the collaboration and cooperation of people and organisations for environmental purposes.”