Wonderwall revealed in Cumbernauld

A MAGNIFICENT mural has come to Condorrat – which lovingly pays tribute to this richly historical part of town.

And touchingly, it’s the young people who are making it happen, with some help from one of the town’s hardest working community groups.

Last week we revealed how Condorrat Tenants and Residents Association had created a train from recycled materials. And the cheerful bee which greets visitors at the entry to the village is also their handiwork.

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Now it is the area’s proud industrial heritage that is being honoured in the mural near Main Road.

Mining and weaving were the mainstays of the community in years gone by – and the countless grafters who worked tirelessly are honoured with clever brushstrokes, fuelled by local pride.

Chairwoman Kate McLean said: “It is stunning – but at the end of the day it is all about the children and our community. I had youngsters from three to 17 year old working on this.

“ We have also painted some ornamental mushrooms next to it and some of them are a bit psychedelic but that’s what the children wanted!’’

Members would like thank all the local businesses who donated supplies for the children