85% of Brits want to buy home-grown to support the economyÂ

A recent study has found that UK consumers are becoming more patriotic in their purchases – with more than 85 per cent saying they buy home-grown to support the British economy, and to maintain the nation’s famous green rolling countryside.

The research of 1,000 parents and 1,000 children by Crosse & Blackwell found that the adults spent on average £20 each week on home-sourced produce – with a patriotic one per cent confirming they spend more than £90 every week on food that’s strictly red, white and blue.

It was also revealed that 65 per cent said that they always try to buy home-sourced food wherever possible and three-quarters said they look at where their food and produce has come from before buying it.

When people were asked what the foods were that they would only buy British, chicken (23%), potatoes (21%), beef (20%), pork (16%) and carrots (15%) topped the list.

A spokesperson from Crosse & Blackwell, commented: “It’s clear from the results that British consumers are becoming more and more concerned with the provenance of their food and the importance of buying British. We’re proud to say that we’re able to support UK farmers by using their produce in our Best of British soups range – whether that’s carrots and parsnips from Norfolk and Suffolk, or tender peas from Lincolnshire – making a quality product that’s affordable.”

Parents said that high quality goods, and knowing it was British sourced, were the most important things to consider when buying food. Ethically, environmentally friendly sourced goods were also important for many and a trustworthy company was vital for more than one in four.

Eight in ten felt reducing their carbon footprint and aiding the environment encouraged them to buy British.

Many people were also unsure where exactly the foods were grown and sourced. The top five fruit and veg adults thought were most likely to be grown in the UK were carrots, parsnips, cabbage and leeks. Whereas children named beetroot, sprouts, celery, cabbage and cauliflower.

A spokesperson from Elveden Estate, a Crosse & Blackwell grower based in Norfolk, said: “Shoppers who buy British are, in essence, purchasing a piece of the countryside. It is much more than simply supporting the UK economy; buying British helps to reinvest money in the active management and enhancement of the British Countryside and the production systems it comes from.

A spokesperson from Alfred G Pearce added: “Having the backing of brands like Crosse & Blackwell allows us to ensure UK consumers can afford to keep buying British, regardless of their budget.”

The Crosse & Blackwell Best of British range is available from Morrisons, ASDA, Waitrose and Tesco stores now.