A relic of a plan to turn M74 into M6?

Sign...to Lanark, Douglas, and the M6Sign...to Lanark, Douglas, and the M6
Sign...to Lanark, Douglas, and the M6
SOUTH Lanarkshire Council’s idea that the Crawfordjohn road sign to the M6 instead of the M74 might have been altered has been disputed.

Instead, apparently, the road sign was erected at a time when there were plans to rename the M74 the M6, which the road becomes crossing the border into England at Carlisle.

Following last week’s report querying the sign, reader Bill Shepherd got in touch to tell us more.

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“The sign has been like this for several years,” he said, adding that two other signs further south had also shown the road as the M6, not the M74.

“It appears that there were moves afoot to renumber the A74(M) and M74 at one time as the M6 since it is one continuous motorway,” he said.

“In preparation for this, any signs being erected would have M6 put on them but with a plate over the M6 part.

“Presumably the plate somehow became removed.

“It would appear that the renumbering idea was then dropped.”

Posts in an online forum suggest the plan, dating to the 1990s, was dropped when the Scottish Parliament came in.

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