A royal reply for Carolside kid Jessica

Carolside Primary pupil Jessica Hosie has been waiting patiently by the letterbox for weeks — and this week, she received an envelope with the royal stamp on it.

The five-year-old decided at the beginning of April to practice her writing by sending a letter direct to Buckingham Palace.

P1 Jessica wrote: “Dear the queen, please can you tell me how many televisions you have in the palace. Is it hard being the queen? Jessica Hosie, age 5 and a half.”

Mum Debi told The Extra: “I’m sure lots of children do this kind of thing, but Jessica has been checking the post every day for five weeks now and asking me every day if the queen had replied.

“I knew she would be extremely excited when she received a letter with the royal stamp on it.”

Jessica received a reply from her majesty’s lady in waiting, thanking her for her letter.

Debi explained: “The response didn’t state how many televisions there were at the palace, but it did mention that Buckingham Palace has a table so big, it has to be polished by people walking on it with dusters attached to their feet.

“To say Jessica was over the moon with her reply would be an understatement.

“It was the first letter she had written but she has now decided to write to Katie Morag, from the children’s TV programme on BBC — we nmay be waiting a while for that response!”