Abronhill High School recommendations imminent

Recommendations which will play a vital part in deciding the fate of Abronhill High School will be with councillors next week.

A spokesman for the Save Abronhill High School campaign commented: “The consultation process appeared to be nothing more than a tick box exercise for the purposes of the Schools Consultation (Scotland) Act 2010 and we would be very surprised if Mr McKinstry were to recommend to the Committee that the school be kept open; as welcome a decision as that would be. We, as a Group, certainly hope that the simply overwhelming response to the process, with c.1600 objections and c.6000 petition signatures against the proposed closure, is given proper and serious consideration by all areas of the Council involved with the process and that this huge community based response serves to represent a large influence on how they make their ultimate decision.”

Last year the council proposed closing Abronhill High School and merging the school roll with that of Cumbernauld High School. Pupils of both schools would attend classes at the current Cumbernauld High until construction of a replacement for Cumbernauld High is complete.

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