Advanced Selkirk flood scheme works going to plan

The advanced works for the £31million Selkirk flood protection scheme are on budget and on schedule, the project manager has said.

Conor Price added: “The tendering process is ongoing for the main works contract and we have provided a four-week extension for the tendering companies as we realised the huge complexity of what we were asking them to do and price for.

“This is not going to affect the main work’s programme schedule.”

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Mr Price confirmed that the main works will start on January 5, following consultation with local councillors and the community.

The date had been pencilled in for December 9, but Mr Price said it was agreed that starting in the new year was more practical and acceptable to the community.

He added: “We have got a good working relationship and are listening to local people.”

The next stage of the advanced works involves significant vegetation and tree removal across the area.

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Ongoing work to create a number of temporary access roads will be complete by Christmas, Mr Price said.

He added that these would provide a huge number of options during the main works to ensure that disruption to the public is minimised.

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