All-go for LEGO at Eastwood High

EASTWOOD high school’s hard working pupils have earned the school £3,000 of LEGO equipment following their successful bid to become a LEGO elite engingeering school.

The competition was judged on the school’s campaign to secure support, of which it was ninth in the whole of the UK.

Meghan Hamilton, teacher of Design and technology told The Extra: “For us, becoming part of the elite engineering programme would mean that thousands will be inspired for years to come through these resources. At Eastwood, our passion for technological education coupled with these amazing resources, will open up a world where students will not only get to learn through engineering but use their skills in a fun and practical way.”

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“We were able to attract attention via twitter from Education Secretary Michael Russell, Local MSP - Kenneth Macintosh, The University of Glasgow, The Daily Mail and Mark Miodownik from the BBC. We went to great length for weeks to advertise our campaign and were delighted as it all paid off”.

The Lego club are now working towards a project linking science, geography and technology by creating a robotic response to volcanic achievement.

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