Almost half of Scotland's dogs gained too much weight over Xmas

Has your pooch piled on the pounds over Christmas?Has your pooch piled on the pounds over Christmas?
Has your pooch piled on the pounds over Christmas?
Scotland's bloated canines will be put on a strict diet this January, after piling on the pounds by being fed too many Christmas dinners, crisps and cakes, and other '˜festive treats'.

A survey by Butcher’s Pet Care of 2,000 dog owners found that almost half of Scotland’s dogs gained between two and four pounds over the Christmas period, compared to their owners who on average gained three pounds; with almost a fifth putting on 5 pounds or more!

The research reveals that it wasn’t just humans who sat down to enjoy a traditional Christmas dinner this year, with over half of dog owners in Scotland admitting that their pampered pets also got a taste of the action, tucking into turkey, roast potatoes and all the seasonal trimmings.

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In addition to the turkey dinner, some of the dog owners polled confessed to lavishing their dogs with a diet of cheese and crisps, sandwiches, bacon, and even alcohol during the festivities.

And for those with a ‘sweet tooth’, over a third of dog owners said they indulged their pet with doggy chocolate and mince pies.

With the average Christmas dinner containing in excess of 900 calories, porky pets are more than likely to join their owners for a snooze in front of the television after dinner, rather than take in a bracing walk.

Tellingly over three quarters of dog owners in Scotland said they would be taking steps such as going on longer and more walks with their dog in January to try and shed some of the festive pounds; as well as giving them smaller and less frequent meals (32%) to try and bring their weight down.

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A fifth said that by making their dog fitter in the New Year, they hoped it would also make them leaner and healthier too.

Clare Scallon, from Butcher’s Pet Care, which commissioned the study to mark its 30th anniversary comments; “In the 1980’s when we launched our first canned dog food, the landscape was very different from the pampered pets we see today.

“We firmly believe that this aspect of ‘humanising’ our dogs comes from the very real love and friendship owners feel towards their dogs. We want to be able to treat them like members of the family, and while the rest of us overindulged during Christmas, why wouldn’t we want to spoil them too?

“Nevertheless, a dog’s short digestive tract means that these types of foods that are high in carbohydrates and sugars can actually be very dangerous to dogs. Dogs are natural meat eaters and this is all a dog should really need as part of a healthy and balanced diet.”

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As well as over indulging our dogs with festive feasts, the survey has revealed that dog owners in the region spend on average £11.50 per month on treats, presents and pampering for their dogs, with 10% even having splashed out on getting their dogs their own advent calendar.

Not only this but the research shows that Scotland’s dogs are top of the tree more generally when it comes to dinner times, as the majority receive their meals, some specially prepared, before anyone else in the family (71%).

Of the dog owners polled in the region, over a third add extra human food such as cheese or vegetables to their dog’s meals; and 40% go the extra mile and pour gravy on it or serve it on a human plate.

Clare Scallon continues, “It’s fine to give your dog the odd treat now and again, but all a dog really needs to stay active and healthy is meat; it’s what dogs love and thrive on.

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“Meat is packed full of the right protein, fats, vitamins and minerals which contribute to giving a dog a healthy coat, bright eyes, and plenty of energy to run around. Tripe in particular acts like a super food for dogs, as it is rich in many natural nutrients like Omega 3 and 6, enzymes and probiotics which are essential to a dog’s wellbeing. Our very first product and grain free recipe was the Tripe Mix; and this recipe continues to be the No. 1 best-selling single can* today thanks to its fantastic health benefits, and great meaty taste dogs love.

“In addition, upping your dog’s exercise regime and going on more walks is a great way to ensure they stay healthy, and an added bonus is that this will hopefully help owners keep fit too.”

Since 1987 when Butcher’s launched their first canned dog food, Butcher’s Tripe Mix, the British family firm, whose heritage is in farming and as butchers, has used its unique meat preparation skills and pet nutrition expertise to specialise in the making of quality, natural dog foods which are rich in meaty proteins.

Butcher’s Tripe Mix is a complete and balanced meal suitable for all dogs from the very small to the very big; and unlike some other dog foods, contain absolutely no artificial colours, flavours, or preservatives, is free from grains, soya, cereals and bulking agents and is wheat, gluten free too.

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Clare adds: “Our research compared what we gave our dogs as treats 30 years ago, to what we give them now, and it showed that back then our dogs were lucky to get animal bones (54%) or a chewy toy (60%) as a Christmas treat.

“Really the best way for our dogs to maintain a healthy diet is to stick to a meat based diet. It’s the most natural diet for them, and is what their bodies are made for.

“The best advice for owners who have allowed their dogs to over-do-it over the Christmas break, is to stop letting them share their plate, cut out the leftovers, and spend more time out and about and enjoying being active with their dog.”

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