Angela to take over at Lanark Robert Owen Primary

Angela Gibson, currently head teacher at Carluke Crawforddyke, has been appointed head at Robert Owen Primary School in Lanark, to succeed David Lynas.

Angela Gibson who has been appointed headteacher at Robert Owen Primary School. (Picture Sarah Peters)
Angela Gibson who has been appointed headteacher at Robert Owen Primary School. (Picture Sarah Peters)

David retired at the end of last term, after 23 years at the helm.

“Robert Owen has got such a superb reputation, and to be chosen to fill David’s shoes is quite overwhelming,” said Angela, who visited the school to meet her new pupils on Thursday.

Angela has a wealth of experience though for the leadership of Robert Owen.

From Carluke, her first teaching post was in the Caribbean island of Trinidad and Tobago.

Angela - Angela Richardson as she was then – raised funds and went out with the Baptist Missionary Society as a volunteer teacher in a Baptist school after her own graduation, “to give something back”.

“It was very deprived, with classes of 60 children and often no resources, so it was challenging,” said Angela. “We learned a lot and came back grateful for what we have got.


“It makes you realise you don’t need an awful lot to inspire a class.”

When Angela returned to the UK she took up a post at Craighead School in Hamilton, a school for those with additional support needs and which took children right through from primary 1 to 6th year, a school which is now closed.

“That was brilliant. I loved that,” said Angela.

Her next post was at Carstairs Junction Primary where she remained for over a decade, teaching, then being appointed principal teacher, and then depute head, and in 2012 she was appointed head teacher at Crawforddyke.

“I love it,” she said. “It is a great school and a growing school, and it has a fantastic staff, parents and pupils.”

Angela saw the school into the new building, and the old building has just been demolkished with a football pitch and sports facilities planned for its site.


She is sorry to leave, but was interested in Robert Owen - slightly bigger with 367 children plus a nursery - because of her background at Craighead.

The Lanark school has a special needs base and Angela is delighted to be working in an inclusive primary, where those with special needs are part and parcel of the school, involved in the events and activites.

And there is another recommendation for Robert Owen: Angela is married and living in Lanark, and her own two children attended Robert Owen.

She hopes to take up her new post by the end of February.