As Puck would have it Greenbank is a Dream venue

Clarkston's Greenbank Garden is to be the stunning setting for what's billed as an 'anarchic' open air Shakespeare performance next month.

The critically-acclaimed Pantaloons Theatre Company have performed at the landmark List A National Trust for Scotland venue before, so know exactly how to use the layout of the magnificent 18th century formal gardens to best advantage.

Open air Shakespeare is nothing new – for example in Glasgow’s Botanic Gardens (and indoors in the Kibble Palace when it’s wet) – but few if any venues have a classic Georgian palladian mansion as backdrop.

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With a cast of just five, the talented actor-musicians play all of the roles - in true multi-tasking Shakespearian tradition – so the audience at the Clarkston performane can expect plenty of quick changes and larger than life characters.

We’re told: “The Pantaloons bring a genuinely traditional element back to Shakespeare’s work, making it accessible to people of all ages without dumbing down”.

Meanwhile, again in “Globe” style, food and drink will be served (from the Greenbank cafe) to keep everyone refreshed.

The performance is on Wednesday, August 9, and there’s full booking information at

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