Baby wipes blamed for flood nightmare

A crack team of plumbers, cleaners and labourers have been working in a stricken Kilsyth property which found itself over-run with sewage.

Horrified council tenant Helen Naylor and her two daughters were subjected to a stench-ridden flood of human waste in their Kirklands Crescent Home overnight last Thursday

And council officials and water bosses alike stress that the scenario could have been avoided altogether if neighbours had heeded warnings not to flush baby wipes down the toilet.

Helen had to send her seven year old and 12 year old daughter away for their own safety as she tried in vain to stem the flow overnight.

Helen (31) who works in a local takeaway said: “I have been having problems with the plumbing in this house for five years but this was obviously a really terrible situation. It was absolutely disgusting.”

“The fact that it was totally avoidable as well just makes me really angry.”

Council contractors were still working on the costly clean up job this week.

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