Bags of dog waste litter trees at Mugdock Country Park beauty spots

PET owners have been slammed for leaving tree branches festooned with bags of dog mess.

Fed-up visitors to Mugdock Country Park claim it is the latest area to fall foul of inconsiderate dog owners.

The park on the outskirts of Milngavie is popular with families and walkers out for a pleasant stroll.

However, some residents say their visits are being ruined by pet owners who don’t dispose properly of bags of dog poo – but instead hang them from tree branches.

One regular park user, with two boys under 10, said: “It is an ongoing problem affecting the whole park, but some areas are worse than others. The car park near the Khyber Pass is particularly bad.

Dog walkers turn up there, let their dogs out and then just hang the bags from trees. Who do they think will go round and collect it? It’s disgusting.”

The Herald recently highlighted concerns about a dog bin which was left overflowing with bags of waste.

Concerned Milngavie resident Frankie Livingston suggested dog owners take home the bags if there was not enough room in the bins.

He also criticised East Dunbartonshire Council for not providing adequate cover over the festive break.

David Devine, head of roads and neighbourhood services at East Dunbartonshire Council, said: “Dog walkers at Mugdock Country Park are encouraged to clean up after their dogs, to bag their dog poo and bin it.

“There are bins available at all the car parks at Mugdock, as well as the visitor centre – where there is also a free dog poo bag dispenser.

“This is very popular with visitors, and the majority clean up after their dogs and dispose of their poo bags responsibly.

“Sadly, some people do not use dog bags or leave them within the park.

Volunteers and staff do regular litter picks throughout the vast area of Mugdock park to clear up after those who have inconsiderately left their litter and dog waste behind.

“We encourage all park visitors to follow the Countryside Code which advises visitors to take waste home – dog poo as well all other litter.”

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