Bearsden's Kilmardinny House extension slammed as a '˜monstrosity'

Kilmardinny House in Bearsden  - new extension.Kilmardinny House in Bearsden  - new extension.
Kilmardinny House in Bearsden - new extension.
A new extension on the historic Kilmardinny House in Bearsden has been slammed as an '˜ugly' '˜eyesore' and a '˜monstrosity' by local people.

The iconic former stately home has been extended and upgraded as part of a £2.73 million project.

The A-listed building is intended to be used for local arts, performances, weddings and other events. However we have been inundated with comments on our facebook page from local people who think this extension has ruined the building.

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Elaine Turner said: “It’s so ugly and horrible, blocking the view of the front of the building at first I thought it was the workies portacabin.”

Seonaid MacCalman: “It’s an eyesore who would do that to such a lovely building?”

Richard Okane said: “To put that monstrosity anywhere near a grade A listed former stately home is unbelievable.”

Beth Conway said: “It’s not a complimentary, beautiful or stylish addition. It’s heinous.”

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Debbie Oates said: “I’m lost for words. How could anyone give the go-ahead for a concrete Portakabin to be built in front of this beautiful building? Horrific.” Shabana Ahqir said: “That’s how to ruin a beautiful building. What a joke.”

Tracey Allan-McIntyre said: “When we were presented with these plans at community council I nearly fell off my chair. This beautiful building has been ruined and why you would want your wedding there is beyond me. We complained they didn’t listen.”

Councillor Jim Gibbons has always been opposed to the extension and says the council refused to listen to the people they consulted.

He said: “I asked them to look again at the design several times, but one councillor voted on the basis of the glass design being an improvement like the Theatre Royal in Glasgow. I don’t think she realised the glass was at the back.”

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Councillor Alan Moir, convener of development and regeneration, said: “The council is investing £2.73million in rejuvenating Kilmardinny House - including a new garden pavilion extension, which is functional, flexible

and able to cater for a much greater variety of events and activities than those previously available.

“The proposals for Kilmardinny House went through a range of design stages, in discussion with statutory consultees, user groups and members of the public at a series of consultation events.

“Formal Listed Building consent was also obtained from Historic Environment Scotland, whose guidance for new extensions to historic buildings states that attempts to mimic or replicate design features of existing buildings are not always the best solutions.

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“The orientation of the extension - which is at the side of Kilmardinny House - provides south-facing views across the garden, which is a key feature of the site, rather than the car park or access road.

“We are confident that the completed project will prove popular with visitors and locals alike, as well as being a welcoming venue for a range of events and functions - combining history and 21st-century facilities in

a unique way.”

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