Beautiful Scotland judges to run rule over Cumbernauld

JUDGMENT Day is coming to Cumbernauld – as Beautiful Scotland comes to town next week.

It has emerged that judges from the awards scheme will be hitting Cumbernauld Village and Condorrat on Wednesday (August 3). The judges will inspect Cumbernauld the following Friday (August 12)

In the 2009 and 2010, Cumbernauld took Silver medals while Condorrat was awarded Bronze. Cumbernauld Village was awarded Bronze in 2009 and Silver in 2010, and all areas are keen to repeat their success.

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A number of local groups have been working to identify areas for improvement and to keep up the standards that have impressed judges so far. Anyone wishing to report any issues with litter, graffiti or dumping should contact 01698 403110.

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