Biggar artist's Beauty and the Bog exhibition

BIGGAR artist Carol Taylor has joined forces with scientists from the world-renowned Macaulay Institute for a unique exhibition.

Entitled Beauty and the Bog the exhibition, at the Dancing Light Gallery in West Linton, is a new collaboration between art and

science...exploring the world of peat bogs.

For Carol the project takes extra significance as her brother Andrew is a scientist with the institute.

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She said: "You might think that artists and scientists would think in a totally different way but the work we do isn't all that different.

"If artists and scientists can exchange their knowledge that can only be a good thing."

The Aberdeen-based institute is supporting the exhibition through a Knowledge Exchange Grant to Carol, who has also undertaken research on the links between plants and art with the Royal Botanic Gardens in Edinburgh.

The Beauty and the Bog exhibition takes place at the Dancing Light Gallery, West Linton, from now until February 25.

For more information, pick up a copy of this week's Carluke and Lanark Gazette which is in the shops now.

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