Biggar kids turn on the glitz

There were several proud parent at Biggar Primary School to cheer on their children, who were putting on a performance to rival anything seen by the Academy Awards Committee, in Hollywood.

The pupils presented a new concert, The Peace Child, which was the culmination of weeks of hard work — including costume design, scenery and a lot of dedicated graft honing performances to perfection.

Shows were held from February 23 to 25 and the pupils from Primary 4 to Primary 7 delivered polished performances, entertaining fellow pupils, families and friends.

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The setting for the The Peace Child is the far off and fictional land of Mambica where two opposing tribes live on opposite sides of a river, separated not only physically but by different lifestyles, traditions and generations of animosity.

When a visiting western TV crew see the tribal life as an ideal subject for a documentary, their presence is initially a novelty.

However, the crew decide to build a bridge across the river to unite the two communities but unwittingly heighten tensions. As a result, it seems a real prospect that the two tribes will go to war.

It is only the gift of a new-born child that can bring peace to the land of Mambica.

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The show featured a combination of narrative, drama and a variety of musical styles, from tribal themed rhythmic song and dance, to jazz/rock, hip-hop and songs in rounds.

Although set in a mythical land, the show has very real relevance now, with parts of the world torn by war between opposing sides, resulting in so many fleeing violence and enmity.

The children did themselves and their parent proud with dedicated performances.

Well done to all involved.

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