Bishopbriggs lands leading role in a new BBC comedy

A new six part TV comedy series with scenes shot in Bishopbriggs - starring Elaine C Smith and Doon Mackichan - started on BBC2 on Friday.

Two Doors Down
Two Doors Down

After a successful pilot at Hogmanay Two Doors Down returns to the fictitious Latimer Crescent. Although much of the filming takes place indoor, many of the outside shots of the house and garden where filmed in Bishopbriggs.

Written by Gregor Sharp and Simon Carlyle, the sitcom explores the best and worst of family life.

Doon Mackichan, who plays one of the main roles of Cathy, said that it was while filming in Bishopbriggs that she had to stop and pinch herself.

She said: “I thought, ‘This is great. Day one: four women in a garden in Bishopbriggs shooting. Elaine C Smith, Arabella Weir, Sharon Rooney and me. When does that ever happen?’”

And on her character in the series Mackichan said she loved playing the role, adding “Cathy’s loud, probably drinks one too many at a party, and she’s quite narcissistic and self-centred. She’s actually very happily married to her husband, they’ve been together since she was quite young.

“She’s like a big butterfly in a domestic situation: everything is a drama. She doesn’t work and I think they’re probably up to their eyes in credit.


“She’s very interested in everyone but she is over-interested in everyone’s business: she wants to know exactly what is going on, she’s nosy but also just wants to talk about herself.

“She’ll say, ‘Tell me all about it. Let’s have a glass of wine and a catch up’ and she’ll just talk about herself.”

Writer Gregor Sharp said: “Everybody needs good neighbours - we’ve basically done a version of Neighbours except without the interesting stuff, like Bouncer, Lassiters or Mrs Mangel.

“Two Doors Down is about a bunch of people who all live on the same street; it’s about how sharing problems can sometimes make them worse rather than better, how the downside of friendship is obligation, and what to do if you leave your freezer door open all night.

“Comedy rarely has enough female leads and while Two Doors Down is definitely an ensemble piece, Beth, Cathy and Christine are all formidable in their own ways.

“They are all quite no-nonsense people and not backwards about coming forwards, so sparks do sometimes fly.”


The full cast list for this six part series are Eric who is played by Alex Norton, Beth by Arabella Weir, Cathy by Doon Mackichan, Colin by Jonathan Watson, Christine by Elaine C Smith, Sophie by Sharon Rooney, Ian by Jamie Quinn and Jaz by Harki Bhambra.

Two Doors Down is on BBC2 Scotland, Fridays, 10pm.