Bishopbriggs school building bonds with tiny Commonwealth island

School pupils have reached out across the globe to forge friendships with Pacific islanders as part of preperations for Glasgow 2014.
Flying the flagFlying the flag
Flying the flag

Will less than seven months to go until the Commonwealth Games opening ceremony, people in East Dunbartonshire have been encouraged to “support a second team”, choosing from Norfolk Island, Namibia and Jamaica.

Staff and children at Wester Cleddens Primary have selected the tiny island - which sits off the East coast of Australia and has a population of just a couple of thousand people - to cheer on.

They’ve already been in touch with the island’s only school, and are learning fun facts and figures about the people who live there.

Having debuted at the Edinburgh Games of 1986, Norfolk Island has become an integral part of the Games Family, winning its first medal at the 1994 Games held in Victoria.

Popular sports include squash, rugby league and bowling.

The Queen’s Commonwealth Baton arrived on the island on Sunday, December 22, and to mark the milestone, council leader Rhondda Geekie visited the school to find out about the growing relationship.

She said: “The Commonwealth Games is going to be a fantastic celebration of sport and a terrific opportunity for local young people to learn about different cultures.

“It’s good to hear that Wester Cleddens Primary has been in touch with the school on Norfolk Island - showing that youngsters across the world share a passion for sports and learning. I look forward to cheering on Norfolk Island - as well as Scotland and our other ‘second teams’ - when the Games begin.”

Head teacher Paul Meehan added: “The children really enjoy learning about different places and cultures as part of the Curriculum for Excellence, so this fits in nicely.

“We’re all looking forward to the Commonwealth Games 2014 and hope to cheer on all three of our ‘second teams’ when they arrive in Scotland.”

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