Black dogs are in need of a bit of luck this Friday 13th

Dogs Trust Glasgow is appealing for homes for ‘unlucky’ black dogs today - Friday 13th - which is regarded as an unlucky date - Friday 13th.
Could you give a black dog a home?Could you give a black dog a home?
Could you give a black dog a home?

The public are being asked to spare a thought for the black dogs in its care who have yet to find loving new homes which may be because they are considered unlucky.

The Uddingston-based rehoming centre cares for more black dogs than any other colour - in fact over one third of all the dogs coming through its doors in the last year alone were black.

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While many of these dogs have been lucky enough to find loving homes, black dogs take longer on average to find their perfect match and account for one in five of the homeless hounds currently in the care of Dogs Trust Glasgow.

With an influx of black dogs arriving at the rehoming centre in recent weeks, staff have attributed this to superstition surrounding Friday 13th and the idea that many people consider black dogs to be unlucky. They are now hoping that fate will be on the side of all eleven of the rehoming centres black residents and that they will defy the odds to finally find the loving homes they deserve.

Sandra Lawton, Rehoming Centre Manager at Dogs Trust Glasgow said: “It’s utter nonsense that black dogs are unlucky – they are just like any other dog and will bring nothing but friendship and fun to any household. “The black dogs in our care who are desperate to be given the chance to find love in a happy home.”

If you think you could be the lucky charm for one of their black dogs please call Dogs Trust Glasgow on 0300 303 0292.