Blockbusters of the future may be filmed in Gartcosh

Tom Clarke MP at the entrance of Gartcosh Industrial ParkTom Clarke MP at the entrance of Gartcosh Industrial Park
Tom Clarke MP at the entrance of Gartcosh Industrial Park
A former steelworks site has been put forward as a potential location for Scotland’s first major film and television studio.

A recently-published report for Scottish Enterprise has backed using a combination of Scottish Government money and private investment to deliver the ambitious project - which would cost between £15million and £74million.

It suggests a number of ‘example’ sites, including Gartcosh - alongside Dalmarnock, Cumbernauld and Pacific Quay in Glasgow.

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While the report stops short of recommending a particular site, it does say that Gartcosh would offer “the greatest level of flexibility”, though would also cost the most.

Local MP Tom Clarke, who has served as Minister for Film and Television and assistant director of the Scottish Film Council, told the Herald that it could be just the boost the Scottish film industry needs.

He said: “I was very disappointed when Pinewood announced the building of a new studio in Wales, despite discussions with the Scottish Government and Scottish Enterprise.

“In the past it was assumed that if we got such a studio the preferred location would be Pacific Quay, in Glasgow, but I believe that the case for Gartcosh is strong.”

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He added: “Film and tourism can be very closely linked - just look at what the Lord of the Rings films have done for New Zealand.

Scotland is equally capable of providing stunning landscape and introducing our towns and cities to a worldwide audiences.

“We fight well below our weight when it comes to filmmaking in Scotland - in the Republic of Ireland filmmaking brings in 500m euros a year, with the effect on tourism worth 300m euros. Scotland brings in just £32m a year.

How can we ignore talent like James McEvoy, Peter Capaldi, Ewan McGregor, Laura Fraser, Lynne Ramsey and Bill Forsyth or recent films like Sunshine on Leith, Under The Skin, The Angel’s Share and Filth?

“Scotland has an amazing amount to offer.”