Bogus caller with a twist robs vulnerable Cumbernauld pensioner

A young female thief is being sought by police in Cumbernauld following a doorstep con.

Officers admit that they are all to used to dealing with con artists posing as builders or water board employees.

However, a disturbing case in Kildrum has a twist in the tale, after a 73 year old female cardiac patient was preyed upon by a young woman

Police have confirmed that they are looking for a plausible-seeming caller who appeared at the doorstep of a flat in Kildrum’s Kilbowie Road around noon on Monday, August 18.

The woman, who is in her 20s or 30s asked to use the lady’s toilet.

Matters took a turn for the worst when the householder agreed to let her in.

Because the thief’s gaze alighted on a gift bag which contained a present for the lady’s grandson.

Inside was a Canon Snap Shot camera and this was quickly swiped by the doorstep rat.

She topped up her haul after spying a three figure-sum lying near the bag.

After pocketing the cash, the thief legged it.

The woman was left visibly shaken after realising that she had been the victim of a devastating double theft.

Safer Communities officer Natalie Reid of Cumbernauld Police said:‘‘It’s a particularly bad incident because the victim was just recovering from a heart attack.’’

Police have not outruled the possibility that the thief had an accomplice.

Nor can they dismiss the possibility that the thief has struck elsewhere.

Anyone with information is asked to call 101.

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