Botulism warning for Loyd Grossman sauce in Clydesdale

JARS from the infected batch of Loyd Grossman korma sauces may have been issued to 36 establishments in South Lanarkshire.

And a worried of mum of two contacted the Gazette this week, claiming she bought three contaminated 350g jars of the korma sauce from Carluke’s Tesco supermarket on November 5.

Yvonne Egan noticed a horrible smell from the sauces after pouring them over chicken. She returned the jars to Tesco where she received a full refund for both the sauce and chicken.

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South Lanarkshire Council issued a warning this week to everyone who may have jars of the sauce in their kitchen cupboards at home. The implicated batch has a best before date of February 2013 and a batch code of 1218R.

For more information on this story, pick up a copy of this week’s Carluke and Lanark Gazette which is in the shops now.