Bridge vandals endanger lives

Thugs who vandalised '¨security lights on a footbridge at the Forth and Clyde canal have put people's lives at risk, a resident has warned.
Vandalised lights at canal footbridgeVandalised lights at canal footbridge
Vandalised lights at canal footbridge

According to walker James Pacetta, the bridge at the Southbank Marina in Kirkintilloch has been damaged three times over the past few months.

The vandals targeted the lights on the bridge and dangerous live wires have been left hanging loose.

Mr Pacetta alerted people on the Herald’s Facebook page.

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He posted: “The bridge at the marina has been vandalized for the third time.

“As usual the cameras never picked it up.

“Some poor kid will put their hand in and touch the live wires.”

Pamela Cook added: “It’s been like that since before Christmas.

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