British Airports Authority object to Cartland Muir windfarm

A nightmare vision of the countryside between Lanark and Carluke becoming the scene of an air disaster has been conjured up by anti-windfarm protesters.

In their most dramatic attack yet, the campaigners fighting proposals to build two giant wind turbines at Cartland Muir are claiming a new, powerful ally in the form of the British Airports Authority (BAA).

Its objection could lead to a block on ANY further large windfarm developments in Clydesdale in the future.

The authority has joined the campaigners, mostly Cartland and Kilncadzow residents, in lodging an objection to the Engery4All-organised development, this specifically on the grounds that the near-400 foot high turbines would interfere with air traffic control radar “thus posing a very real threat to aircraft safety”.

The anti windfarm campaigners have already cited possible risks to aircraft in their case to South Lanarkshire Council against it granting the scheme planning permission but the BAA objection, for the first time, gives their apocalyptic claims technical credibility.

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