Burial costs rocket in South Lanarkshire

BEREAVED families in Clydesdale are facing “exorbitant” price rises of nearly 70 per cent to bury loved ones.

This angry allegation has been made by two of the area’s veteran undertakers, one of whom claims there is now a deliberate policy to steer local folk away from burials in favour of cremations as part of a cost-cutting strategy.

The row was sparked by the issuing of South Lanarkshire Council’s new burial charges, showing the price of a cemetery lair rising from £349 to £591 and the cost of a basic burial shooting up from £335 to £553.

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Said Andrew Ironside, an undertaker in Biggar for 22 years: “I’ve calculated that the rise in buying a lair is 69 per cent and in interments is 65 per cent. They just can’t justify rises of that sort. They are absolutely exorbitant.”

A council spokeswoman said: “The proposed burial service charges reflect a review of our neighbouring authorities and of Scottish councils in general where it was found that our charges were lower.”

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