Call for action after three car crash in Bardowie

Concerned Bardowie residents are calling for urgent action following a second car accident at the same blackspot in three days.

Car crash in Bardowie.
Car crash in Bardowie.

Residents in the village have become so worried about road safety at the junction of Craigmaddie Road, Balmore Road and Station Road, that they have formed a pressure group to tackle the problem.

Three cars were involved in a serious crash at the junction last Sunday evening and two fire engines, ambulances, police and paramedics attended. The A807 Balmore Road was closed over two hours.

Local resident Dr David Blacoe was one of the first on the scene. He assisted a family of four whose car was hit by a vehicle coming from Craigmaddie Road.

Dr Blacoe said: “The family with young children were lucky to escape with seemingly minor injuries. One of the cars involved crossed the pavement on the opposite corner to the bus stop on Station Road where the school children wait in the morning.

“The road through our small village is in no way fit to cope safely with the volume and nature of traffic which has grown to use to over the years.

“The pavements are narrow, bus stops are exposed to vehicles leaving the road in the event of an accident, and the junction where the accident happened on Sunday night is particularly dangerous.

“The Give Way road markings have faded and it’s very confusing for drivers, particularly if they are unfamiliar with the road.”

Dr Blacoe’s wife, Sigrun added: “If the car had been turning the other way it would have hit the bus stop where we stand waiting with very young children every morning.

“We need proper road markings, stop signs, signs to indicate there is a dangerous junction ahead, speed cameras along Balmore Road, and at the Craigmaddie Road junction, traffic lights or a roundabout. That junction is a hazard and the road is not fit for purpose.”

Last month, Station Road resident, Penny McElhinney started up Bardowie Roads Action Group to lobby for change.

She said: “There have been many many serious accidents in Bardowie over the years.

“A lot of residents have tried to get something done about what has become a serious problem down the years but the trigger for me setting up this group was standing at the bus stop with my two little boys every morning waiting for the school bus.

“It’s quite horrifying watching the risks people take every day. Cars and HGVs routinely ignore the 30 miles an hour speed limit.

“We need safe pavements and bus stops, safety for motorists – particularly relating to Craigmaddie/Balmore Road junction – and speed controls.”

Baldernock Community Council is planning to hold a meeting in Baldernock Church Hall on June 7 to discuss road safety and traffic issues.