Call to block Abronhill consultation fails

EDUCATION officials have voted to continue their plans towards the merger of Cumbernauld High Schoo and Abronhill High Schools despite a plea to block the move.

At a special meeting of the learning and leisure services committee at North Lanarkshire Council on Monday, SNP proposals to keep the schools separate, adding a community facility in Abronhill, were soundly outvoted. However, there was a reiteration of the council’s commitment to deliver on its stated intention to replace Cumbernauld High following the merger.

At the meeting, SNP councillor Tom Johnston, tabling the amendment, said: “We are talking about the future of schools in one area that is separate from the rest of Cumbernauld. Abronhill has always been a ‘satellite town’ with its own identity and the school is part of that.”

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Mr Johnston claimed that Cumbernauld had not seen a proportionate share of investment in education.

“There is a big strain on teachers. We have seen culls of assistant head teachers, management teams, principal teachers and these huge pressures would be compounded by moving two schools together. This amalgamation would be very difficult indeed.”

After the meeting, education convener Jim Logue dismissed Mr Johnston’s claims as ‘political posturing’ and stressed that the move will only benefit pupils. “That is the most critical argument here and what matters above all else. No child’s education will suffer because of this move.”

For the full round up of the debate, see this week’s Cumbernauld News and Kilsyth Chronicle, on sale now.