Cancer campaigngets Mark’s vote

CENTRAL Scotland MSP Mark Griffin has joined forces with a leading breast cancer charity to help increase awareness of the disease.

Mr Griffin took part in the launch of Touch Look Check – or TLC – campaign, which is Breakthrough Breast Cancer’s breast awareness message, encouraging women to Touch, Look and Check their breasts regularly.

A survey undertaken by the charity showed that only half of women in Scotland regularly checked their breasts.

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Mark said: “Breast cancer devastates the lives of so many people in our area and across Scotland, with 4000 women being diagnosed every year, and 1000 losing their battle to survive. It is important that we raise as much awareness as possible of the disease in the hope of reducing these figures.

“If diagnosed early, lives can be saved. “ It only takes a minute to check and if there are anomalies, I urge women to see their doctor right away.”

Audrey Birt, director of Breakthrough Breast Cancer in Scotland, said: “While more women are surviving breast cancer it is vital that women stay breast aware. Our message is as simple as TLC – Touch, Look, Check.

“Do this by regularly touching, looking for changes and checking anything unusual with your doctor and attending breast screening if you are over 50, as these are the best ways to identify breast cancer early.

“If you find any unusual changes or are worried by anything, you should talk to your GP straight away.”

“I am delighted that Mark is helping to spread this important message.”