Carbrain’s canines brought to heel

Unruly dogs are causing mayhem in Carbrain but wardens are vowing to put a stop to it after neighbours complained to this website.

The News and Chronicle has received a number of complaints from Glenhove Road about the behaviour of several pets who are not being kept on a lead.

It’s claimed that the dogs - none of whom are conventionally viewed as ‘dangerous’ breeds have been running riot. It’s alleged too that the dogs are being allowed to foul local doorsteps round the clock with no censure from their owner. One concerned resident who did not want to be named for fear of reprisals said that the situation was critical.

The neighbour told us: “We have had the police down here but they can’t do anything. We have also tried the council. The situation just never seems to get any better.

“This is why I am contacting you at the paper. It now seems the only way to get something done about this,’’ added the neighbour.

A spokesman for North Lanarkshire Council stressed that dog warden had now stepped in and were monitoring the situation.

He added: “The council asks residents to report details of any dog fouling to allow us to investigate and tackle the problem directly with the owners.

“If the dog owner is our tenant, we can also address this antisocial behaviour in relation to their tenancy. When the council has evidence of aggressive dog behaviour, we can take action in terms of The Control of Dogs (Scotland )Act 2010.” he added.