Carbuncle up for grabs as Cumbernauld is nominated again.

History would seem to be repeating itself when a controversial awards scheme was re-launched last week.

However these are not the only disgruntled parties involved in the growing row – after members of Cumbernauld Environmental Forum branded the awards ‘absurd’.

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Chairman Bobby Johnston is now urging locals to bombard the magazine with emails of complaint – amidst fears that the competition is deterring would-be investors.

Members also argue that the town is not a suitable candidate for the ‘prize’ – as it has triumphed in both the Civic Pride awards and Beautiful Scotland awards in recent months.

An irate Mr Johnston said: “We realise and accept the financial problems in the current economic climate relating to all local authorities but I strongly feel that the community of Cumbernauld has shown their true spirit in working to improve Cumbernauld.

“It is upsetting that, after so much hard work has been done by the Community, we have people talking down our town rather than working on improving it. This only jeopardises future investment and jobs when in fact our Antonine Centre is bucking the trend in keeping shops open and Morrisons have chosen to invest in Cumbernauld,” he added.


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His colleague Adam Smith added: “It is incredibly unfair for a diverse town, the size and population of Cumbernauld, to be judged solely on our town centre, and this is one award I hope Cumbernauld never wins again.”

However awards co-ordinator John Glenday said that the process was being misunderstood by the group.

He said: “Community engagement is undoubtedly a strong suit of Cumbernauld, as demonstrated by the passionate response of residents from both sides of the argument. Whether they are proud of what has been achieved or angered by what has yet to be achieved, people have shown themselves to care and that is perhaps illustrative of the most precious commodity that any town can call upon – its people.

“The Carbuncles are not about ‘talking down’ places and spaces; they are about raising aspirations and serving as a catalyst for change. The Carbuncles team would be delighted to work with community voluntary groups to achieve our common goal – a better Cumbernauld,” he added.

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