Carluke Cross congestion tackled

THE chips are well and truly down in the battle to stop motorists parking their cars on single yellow lines outside Alfie's fish and chip shop in Clyde Street.

The campaign to stop extra congestion in Carluke Cross, which is backed by Alfie's owner Alfie Macera and Carluke Community Council, has received a major boost via correspondence from the council's Roads and Transportion Services.

Responding to a letter outlining the community council's concerns about potentially dangerous parking, SLC wrote back: "The owner (of Alfie's)... has said that he would not object to an increase in the severity of the current 'No Waiting 8am to 6pm, Monday to Saturday' restriction on the section of Clyde Street in front of his property, in order to keep the junction clear of parked vehicles.

"It is proposed, therefore, to introduce a 'No waiting at any time' restriction in the immediate vicinity of the Cross."

The official added that, before the proposal was ratified, SLC would

consult Strathclyde Police and the other emergency services, as well as Strathclyde Partnership for Transport and local councillors.

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