Carluke steals Glasgow’s ‘friendly’ Games thunder

IT WASN’T just Glasgow’s hospitality which impressed visitors to the Commonwealth Games. Carluke made a BIG impression too!
Great Games...for Clydesider Lynn YoungGreat Games...for Clydesider Lynn Young
Great Games...for Clydesider Lynn Young

In this case, it wasn’t some competitor or spectator from an African state who felt moved by their reception to contact the Gazette to say ‘thanks’ but an incomer from the less-far-off town of Kelso in the Scottish Borders.

The new friend Carluke won is Lynn Young, one of the Clydesider volunteers who helped to steward the Games and guide and generally help spectators.

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Lynn is a PE teacher who was one of those helping out at the badminton events and, instead of commuting from Kelso to Glasgow and back every day, stayed with Carluke relatives during the Games.

She told the Gazette: “I hail from Kelso but I’m a frequent visitor to Carluke to visit my cousin and her family.

“I stayed up there for nearly two weeks during the Games and initially travelled by train. Everyone I came into contact with was so helpful to me and looked after me, especially the lady on duty at Carluke Station.

“I met some real characters on the train, both to and from my venue; two young lads from Carluke High School who told me all about the sports they played there and who I walked with to the badminton; a lovely couple from the town who had been out for the night in Glasgow, taking advantage of the later train times; we pulled in a mum and son into the conversation and had such a laugh when discussing the choice of bands playing at the opening ceremony – total strangers having a great time together.”