Celebrating three years helping residents balance their books

Charity Christians Against Poverty has celebrated the third anniversary of its Kirkintilloch debt help centre with a special sevice.

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CAP birthday
CAP birthday

The event took place in Kirkintilloch Baptist Church on Sunday, July 26 - a date which also marked the official launch of the CAP Job Club.

Local MP John Nicolson and Councillor Gordan Low attended the event and thanked the team for the proactive help that they offer in East Dunbartonshire.

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During the special service, they heard from constituents who had turned to CAP after experiencing the crushing effects of debt or unemployment.

All commended the non-judgemental emotional and practical support that they had received alongside industry-leading debt management.

A debt centre client explained how his health had deteriorated, having not slept properly in months, for the fear of debt collectors, leaving him unable to answer his doorbell or telephone.

Eventually, he managed to pluck up enough courage to call CAP and felt overwhelming relief when CAP centre manager Gill Paton arrived with a support worker and offered to send all of his bills to CAP headquarters for renegotiation.

He said: “A week or two later, all the threatening letters and phone calls stopped.

“I still have to stick to my budget and keep an amount every month to help clear my debts, but CAP manages it all for free.”

Three jobseekers also shared their enthusiasm about the uplifting impact that the Job Club has had on their lives.

In addition to updating CVs and practising interview techniques, the course helps to build self-esteem and support networks.

CAP job club manager, Irene Hughes, is already seeing the tangible benefits of offering this service in Kirkintilloch and looks forward having an even greater impact in future.

All CAP services are offered free of charge, and are open to anyone, regardless of their age, gender, faith or background.

To find out more about CAP Debt Help, CAP Job Club and the budgeting course starting on 24 August, visit www.capuk.org and input your postcode.

Alternatively you can call the church office on 0141 578 6006 to get more details about the services available to help those in need.