Change to school bus provisions confirmed by SLC

Demonstration...from Kirkfieldbank to Lanark GrammarDemonstration...from Kirkfieldbank to Lanark Grammar
Demonstration...from Kirkfieldbank to Lanark Grammar
CHANGES to secondary school bus provisions have been ‘pushed through’ by the council, prompting a furious reaction from campaigners.

Kirkfieldbank mum Julia Marrs, who launched a petition against the proposals, believes the council has shown a complete disregard for the wishes of Clydesdale parents.

SLC has put a number of ‘safe walking routes’ on its website, but that has not included the likes of Kirkfieldbank Brae, angering Julia and other parents.

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She said: “By offering the minimum expected by law and so classifying routes like Kirkfieldbank Brae –well-known to be dangerous for adults let alone children to walk, both in terms of traffic and personal safety –as safe walking routes, South Lanarkshire Council are showing contempt for the reasonable expectations of parents and carers of the community.

“The even harder fact is that this proposal will discriminate against rural communities, who already cope with the added costs of living in outlying villages and will have directly affected those children least able to pay for a school transport privilege place, public transport or have the luxury of a family car.”

As reported in the Gazette, South Lanarkshire Council, faced with making major savings, will alter the entitlement for free transport for secondary school children from those living within a two mile radius of their school to three miles.

Julia is also organising a protest march from Kirkfieldbank Primary School to Lanark Grammar School on Friday, June 19, at 8.45am.

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