Christmas trade compromise for Lanark roadworks

Lanark Christmas Market...brings visitors to the town (Pic by Sarah Peters
)Lanark Christmas Market...brings visitors to the town (Pic by Sarah Peters
Lanark Christmas Market...brings visitors to the town (Pic by Sarah Peters )
A compromise appears to have been hammered out to prevent Lanark trade’s vital Christmas shopping period being hit by yet more roadworks on the main A73 route in and out of town.

As reported, there were howls of protest when it was lea rned that a one-way traffic system will be in place from today (Wednesday) until the New Year as Scotish Water renew piping between Steels Cross and the Nemphlar Road end. Scottish Power have been distrupting traffic working on the same stretch for the past few weeks.

Last week Lanark 
Business Group called for urgent action to postpone the three month Scottish Water pipe upgrading works until the New Year to avoid 
damage to pre-Christmas trade.

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Following on the Scottish Power works, thoses travelling to and from Lanark would have faced a total of five months disruption this year and the group cried “Enough is enough!”

Their plea appears to have won a compromise from Scottish Water this week.

This week one of the town’s South Lanarkshire councillors, Labour’s Catherine McClymont, said that, at a meeting with the water company, attended by Labour MSP Claudia Beamish last week, a compromise had been agreed.

She said: “I am delighted that, after being asked by Lanark Business Group to arrange a meeting to discuss the concerns raised regarding the twelve week proposed roadworks, Scottish Water and their contractors have agreed to stop the work before the Lanark Christmas Switch On and Festive Market on November 21 and 
recommence after the 
New Year, if that is still necessary.”

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Giving the news a qualified welcome, a Lanark Business Group spokesman said the basic problem remained of the various utility companies failing to co-ordinate “their seemingly endlees works on the A73” with the roads authority.