Claimants urged to take up advice

RESIDENTS who may be eligible for Disability Living Allowance (DLA) are being urged to come forward and seek advice.

North Lanarkshire Council is working with the North Lanarkshire Information and Advice Forum throughout November to spread the word about DLA.

The national deadline for applications is the end of May next year, and anyone who is entitled to receive the benefit must apply before then.

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You can claim DLA if you are under 65 and you need help with personal care, or have trouble walking or getting around.

You don’t need a carer to be eligible and the benefit is not means tested or taxable.

A successful claim could mean a substantial increase in your weekly income. Any money received will be paid directly and will not affect any other savings, income or other benefits you may have.

For more information, phone 01698 403170 or go to

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