Clean up Queen’s Park...

A worried mum has called on Glasgow city council to clean up Queen’s Park after her son fell in the pond and had to be taken to hospital.

Sharon Morrison was advised by her GP to take Nathan (3) to A&E following the accident on Monday afternoon.

She told The Extra: “There’s red scum over the pond, and he thought it was part of the paving.

“The doctor was concerned and told me to go to hospital as a precaution. Luckily Nathan seems fine and I’ve just to watch him carefully. But he does have bad eczema, and I’m worried about dirty water on any broken skin.”

Sharon believes there should be a warning over potential dangers at the pond.

She added: “There’s no barrier, no warning for people with kids, and no life rings around, which is a shambles.”

The mum-of-two is now, along with a group of friends, avoiding the area.

Maria Marshall, also a mum of two, said: “We’ve stopped using Queen’s Park because it’s disgusting.

“There’s dog mess everywhere, and you don’t know what’s lurking in the pond. Kids just want to get close to everything and I don’t feel comfortable letting them near anything there.

“If the council cleaned up and fined people for dog mess then it would make a difference.”

Sharon added: “There are bottles, rubbish, rats and dog mess. I’d just like to see the park properly maintained, but instead we have to go elsewhere.”

A GCC spokesman said: “The ponds are monitored and while the algae are not pleasing to look at, they pose no specific risk to humans.

“However it should be noted that the ponds are used by wildlife and, therefore, it is not advisable to enter the water.

“Queens Park is a safe and welcoming place to take kids to play. Dog fouling is completely unacceptable and any users with information about offenders should report it.”

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